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Cover Set for 500VB and 550VB Table

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Reliable Cover Set for 500VB and 550VB Table

If your 500VB or 550VB pressing table needs a new cover to bring it back to life, the 500VBACR gray cover is the best solution. With heavy felt padding and with a polyester and cotton cover, this product is made from the same quality material as your original 500VB/550VB cover.

Easy to Replace: With a drawstring design to securely lock in your cover and prevent movement, the 500VBACR is easy to replace

Quality Design: Made with high quality polyester and cotton and heavy felt padding, this cover is durable and long-lasting

Made for Your Pressing Table: We know that there is nothing worse than an ill-fitted pressure table cover which is loose and slides about. This product was designed specifically for the 500VB/550VB pressing table and fits perfectly