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36" Electric Hot Plate with 6 Burners

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Royal Range 36" Electric Hot Plate with 6 Burners

The Royal Range 36 Electric Hot Plate With 6 Burners (RHPE-36-6) is the ideal addition to your kitchen for when speed and productivity are essential to the success of your project. You will be able to cook multiple menu options with ease on this heavy-duty, Stainless Steel unit because it comes with six burners that can all be manually configured to give you greater control over the ingredients you're working with. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner items, this hot plate will handle them with ease.

Long Life:You can be sure that you're buying a hot plate of the highest quality because only the finest materials are used to ensure it's built to last. The chassis is compact while the ledge, sides, front and support structures on the unit are all made from Stainless Steel - giving it the strength to handle some of the most challenging tasks

Burners:This hot plate provides you with everything you need to be able to cook a whole host of menu options to perfection. You will have access to six cast iron burners that are evenly distributed across the entirety of the cooking surface. Each burner is incredibly powerful, boasting an output of 30,000 BTU/HR so, no matter what you're serving, you can rest assured this hot plate will rise to the challenge

Low Profile:In a busy kitchen environment, space comes at a premium so it's important that your machines do not dominate the space available. With a profile of just 11 , this unit is compact enough to fit in virtually any setting without losing any of its functionality

The Crumb Tray:This handy feature is made from Stainless Steel and runs throughout the entirety of the hot plate. The tray will safely store any materials that are left behind during cooking until you are ready to empty it - keeping your unit in fantastic condition

Burner Heads:Each burner on this hot plate has a head that boasts a non-clog design. This clever feature ensures you can cook to consistently high standards for longer because the distribution of heat will not be compromised by food particles blocking the holes in the burner heads