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36" Thermostat Control Electric Griddle

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Royal Range 36" Thermostat Control Electric Griddle

Griddle cooking made simple, with this electric-powered, low profile design from Royal Range. This griddle features two thermostats that control the three burners installed inside, giving users full control over the heat of the griddle in case some food needs a less intense than others. The aeration panels in between the burners help the heat spread throughout the griddle more effectively, and provide further control over the griddle temperature. The plate is 36 wide and 32.5 deep - providing users with a vast space to work with that accommodates several foods at once. Grease isn't a problem with the RTGE-36 either, with a special Stainless Steel grease trough that rids the griddle plate of all excess grease.

150F - 450F:Works to this ideal temperature gauge, which can be changed quickly and efficiently with the total 90,000 BTU/hr burners fitted into this griddle

High-Functioning Burners:The U-shaped burners are controlled via two separate thermostats to help obtain varying temperatures throughout the griddle plate. They're assisted by built-in aerating panels which help keep the heat concentrated towards the plate

Ergonomic Design:The RTGE-36 has been designed for countertop use - the dimensions of this griddle give it a low profile, but enough height to keep users from being uncomfortably hunched over while operating

Clean:A Stainless Steel grease trough is included with this griddle, which collects the grease that drips from the griddle to make it easier to dispose of properly

Additional Extras:Comes with a 1.5 gallon grease can for storing grease for easy use, and a set of 4 legs which gives the griddle some extra height whenever needed *Image shown does not represent exact product model