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18" Heavy Duty Manual Counter Griddle

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Southbend 18" Heavy Duty Manual Counter Griddle

The heavy-duty manual counter griddle gives you an 18 space in which to cook high quality food in no time at all. The burner built into this griddle works at 30,000 BTU, and works towards reaching temperatures between 200 and 400 as quickly as possible. This temperature is manually controlled, giving you the power to get the perfect result. The front, sides and vent on this model are all Stainless Steel, and the bottom and rear of the product is made from aluminized steel for added sturdiness. This griddle keeps itself clean as well, coming fully fitted with 4 side splash guards, and a 5 rear guard at the back. To avoid grease build-up, the griddle also comes with a large capacity grease drawer to catch an excess grease and keep the griddle looking, and performing, its best.

30,000 BTU burner:Features a single burner, included with a runner tube for added safety, that works at 30,000 BTU and obtains temperatures between 200 and 400 F

Safe to use:A pressure regulator helps maintain a manageable gas flow to the griddle, ensuring that there is little to no risk of fire or combustion

Stainless Steel:The front, vent and sides of this griddle are made from #3 polished 420 and 304 steel, whereas the bottom and the rear are both aluminized steel

No cold zone:Griddle is designed to heat the entire work surface equally, as opposed to concentrating all heat to one small area, meaning you can be guaranteed a broad area to cook with

Fully welded griddle plate:The griddle plate itself is 1 thick polished steel and has ben fully welded and included with a protected exhaust vent

Kept clean:The insulated sides and rear splash guards keep excess liquids or greases from making the area surrounding the griddle dirty, and any excess grease on the griddle itself collects in a large capacity drawer to maintain cleanliness

Adjustable legs:Comes with a set of four 4 legs that can be attached to lift the griddle up for additional height

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