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Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine with Air Pump- 94 qt/hr

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Spaceman Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine with Air Pump- 94 qt/hr

Bring quality ice-cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt and a whole lot more to your customers with this amazing ice-cream maker (6260AH) from Spaceman. This unit is the model of Spaceman ice-cream machine, which comes with an air pump to make a much lighter product. This pump saves on money and resources, and creates fluffy soft-serve ice-cream with ease. On top of that, this unit also comes with two mix hoppers for higher production. The controls of this unit help it maintain the quality of the ice-cream without issue and with little effort on the operators part. Bringing ease, speed, bulk and quality to the way your business creates frozen treats, this unit is a must-have for any busy dining establishment.

Components:Utilizes two motors each working at 1.25 HP, which powers two high-functioning freezing cylinders, and two mix hoppers that help bulk production

Safety Measures:A high pressure switch, thermal overload and motor overload cut-outs keep the compressors and motor from overheating and the cylinders from over-freezing

Maintains Low Temperatures:The ice-cream, or other food, mix is maintained at temperatures lower than 40F for effective freezing while in the mix hopper

Microprocessor Controls:Easy to control and fitted with microprocessor controls that can automatically maintain the quality of the product - ensuring it doesn't freeze or thaw too much

Ergonomic Features:Comes fitted with a low mix indicator, a temperature display and a counter that shows how many servings this machine has dispensed throughout the day

Bulk Production:This unit is capable of creating 78 quarts worth of soft serve ice-cream or other frozen treats in an hour