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Frozen Beverage Machine- 60 qt/hr

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Spaceman Frozen Beverage Machine- 60 qt/hr

Combat hot weather will a cool slush drink or cocktail, courtesy of the Spaceman frozen beverage machine (6690H). This handy countertop unit dispenses high-quality slush at a rate of 60 quarts an hour. This machine is capable of holding 25 liters of syrup or other mix in a refrigerated mix hopper, which keeps your product cold even before it's converted to slush. Using a 6.9 liter freezing cylinder, this machine creates tasty slush in next to no time. Not only are you getting bulk quantities of thirst-quenching frozen drinks, but you're also getting full control over the thickness of your product, and even while left unattended this machine will automatically sustain top quality viscosity for your product.

Components:Uses a 6.9 liter freezing cylinder to churn and freeze the ingredients into a delicious slush. Mix is held in a refrigerated mix hopper that keeps the mix below 40F for the best results, and uses a hopper agitator to ensure a good consistency for the ingredients

60 Quarts:When happy hour comes around, this machine delivers. The rate of production this machine works at is 60 quarts an hour - a rate which it can keep up consistently

No Malfunctions:All components are powered via a 4/5 HP air-cooled motor which is kept from overheating via a thermal overload. A high pressure switch is also implemented to keep the compressor for the refrigeration overheating too

Consistency Control:Thickness can be controlled via this unit's straightforward controls, but even without manual input this machine will automatically create the slush to an optimum viscosity

Clearance:Built with compact dimensions, this unit sits comfortably on most countertops and bars, but requires at least 6 clearance on each of its sides to perform its best

Indication Light:Fitted with a light that indicates when mix in the machine is running low and needs to be topped up

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