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Viktor Air Purifier - White


Stadler Form Viktor Air Purifier - White

Stadler Form's Viktor Air Purifier (V-001) keeps your home's air and its appearance clean and pure. Air in rooms is often laden with fine dust, pollen, odors, and viruses and bacteria. Viktor springs to the rescue with his specially developed HPP Filter System (international patent pending), allowing you to take a deep breath of fresh air. Compact and efficient, Viktor takes pride in his Energy Star rating. The special filter cleans the air while active carbon adsorbs unpleasant odors. The filter is even washable for your convenience.

The three-stage filter system begins with a pre-filter that traps larger particles such as pet dander, dust and hair. Next the special HPP filter removes bacteria, allergens, and smaller particles. Finally, the active carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors. With five power levels and dimmable night-mode LED control lights, Viktor makes a versatile companion!

HPP Filter System: Viktor's patent-pending HPP Filter System features three stages of filtration to remove dust, pollen, dander, microbes, allergens, and odors from your air

Fragrance dispenser: Diffuse your favorite fragrances throughout your space using the built-in fragrance dispenser

Swiss design: Viktor's slick design looks great in any room and won't look out of place among your contemporary furnishings