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Broil-O-Dogs 19 1/2" Hot Dog Broiler with Bun Warmer

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Star Manufacturing Broil-O-Dogs 19 1/2" Hot Dog Broiler with Bun Warmer

Use the Broil-O-Dogs 19 1/2 Hot Dog Broiler with Bun Warmer (175CBA) to enjoy perfectly cooked hot dogs, no matter the occasion. This hot dog broiler is the perfect addition for convenience stores, quick serve restaurants, concession areas, bars anywhere you'd want to enjoy a delicious snack. Constructed from durable Stainless Steel, the 175CBA features a cradle wheel which rotates and evenly cooks each hot dog. A special glass reflects radiant energy back into the cabinet, broiling the dogs to perfection while minimizing exterior heat emissions. The appliance's built-in bun warmer heats your hot dog buns to the perfect serving temperature without becoming soggy. This Broil-O-Dogs Hot Dog Broiler with Bun Warmer comes equipped with two switches: the momentary wheel switch which stops rotation for easy loading/unloading, and the Lighted on/off switch which operates the device.

Endless options: Easily navigate the adjustable infinite control and select your preferred broiling temperature to enjoy a tasty treat

Ready to feed:With a storage capacity of 36 dogs and 32 buns, you'll never run out of stock to serve and enjoy