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Summit Appliance

Since 1969, Summit Appliances has been a pillar of the appliance industry. Even if you’ve never heard the name, chances are you’ve used one of their products—or even been at a facility that does. That’s because Summit has a massive, expansive line of appliances that reaches into every facet of everyday life. From ranges, to wine coolers, to cooktops, to refrigerators, Summit has you covered. With headquarters in the Bronx, you’ll also know that every Summit appliance is of incredibly quality, often designed and manufactured here in the United States.

With such an extensive tenure manufacturing appliances, Summit naturally has an expansive line to back it up. From appliances such as ranges, to ice makers, to vent hoods, they’ve got you covered. Need something chilled? Look no farther than beverage refrigerators, wine coolers, kegerators, and laundry options abound, from washers and dryers to space-saving combined combo units. For the kitchen, a bevy of microwaves stand ready for quick applications, while cooktops and combo kitchens round out your counter areas. Dorm living is made easier with the addition of a combination microwave and refrigerator, which combines both appliances into the same stacked footprint. Or, if you’re looking to outfit your business, check out a selection of medical and commercial grade appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers designed for strenuous, high-capacity cooling for items such as vaccines.

Here at Compact Appliance, Summit’s line of appliances are a natural fit. Summit’s appliances fit easily into smaller homes and compact spaces. Whether you need 2.5 cubic feet of space or 6.0 cubic feet of space for a smattering of cold drinks and food, you can find a combo microwave attached safely and securely to the top, with eyes toward power levels so as not to overload any nearby circuits. Their standalone refrigerators and freezers are top notch. A half-dozen compact models meet ADA requirements for use in places such as hotels and other businesses.

Summit’s slim-format electric ranges are the perfect addition to any compact kitchen. With widths from 20”, to 24" to 30”, they can accommodate the smallest of spaces. When paired with a stylish and functional gas ranges in plenty of widths as well.

Summit’s style shines through most apparently through its built-in models. Refrigerators, freezers, and beverage coolers designed to blend into existing cabinetry add sensational style and pop to kitchen installations. Timeless stainless steel doors look great with anything, but can also be outfitted with overlays that match your pre-picked kitchen theme.

No matter what sort of appliance you’re after, Summit Appliances has you covered. And with decades of appliance experience—and a headquarters and factory based on American soil—you know that incredible quality is there with it. Browse our selection of Summit units to find the perfect fit from Compact Appliance.