Coverage Area

The APAC120S is equipped with 12,000 BTUs of cooling power and can effectively cool a room up to 425 square feet in size. This compact, yet powerful portable air conditioner is perfect for cooling bedrooms or living spaces. The APAC120S doubles as an 80 pint dehumidifier, which removes excess humidity from the air, helping the space to feel even cooler and improving air quality.

How to Install

AP12000HS Window Kit Installation
  • Step 1: Place window kit plate into window opening.
  • Step 2: Slide plate to cover the width of the opening.
  • Step 3: Close window to hold plate in place.
  • Step 4: Attach intake and exhaust hose to the unit.
  • Step 5: Place the other end of both the intake and exhaust hose into the holes on the window plate.

* Please Note: The portable air conditioner shown in this video is to demonstrate installation only, it is not model APAC120S

To easily vent the portable air conditioner, the APAC120S includes a window kit that can conveniently be fitted in windows that are 32" - 56" in size. Window kits for portable air conditioners take up much less space than installing a window air conditioner, which means you don't have to worry about blocking the light or view from your window.

Invisimist System

InvisiMist Overview

To reduce the frequency that the water tank must be manually emptied, the Invisimist System includes an internal pump, water line and misting nozzle that extracts water from the tank and mists it out the window vent.


Dual Hose

Separate intake and exhaust hoses allow for more air intake, cooling power, and more stable air pressure, which contributes to a 40% faster cooling rate.

Intelligent Mode

The unit will automatically adjust the fan speed and other settings to keep the area cool to the set temperature.

Self-Evaporative System

Built with an automatic drain system that is able to exhaust all liquid formed by condensation so that there is no need to manually drain the unit in most climates.

Dehumidify Mode

In this mode, the APAC120S will remove up to 80 pints of moisture per day from the air.


All of the settings on the unit can be conveniently controlled from across the room via the remote control.

  1. Power - Switches unit on/off.
  2. Mode - Cool, dehumidify and fan only mode.
  3. Fan - Sets the fan to high/medium/low.
  4. Up / Down - Increases temperature or time when timer is enabled. Decreases temperature or time when timer is enabled.
  5. Timer - Enables timer.
  6. LED Display - Shows indicators for fan speed, mode, temperature setting, clock, timer and Fahrenheit and Celsius settings.


How to drain your portable air conditioner

Condensate is expelled from the unit through the hose, but in more humid climates where moisture is more prevalent, the excess moisture can be drained through the drain in the back of the unit.


No Restriction

For spaces where window air units are not allowed, portable air conditioners are a great alternative as they do not protrude from the outside, allowing them to comply with building codes and HOA’s.

Non-Permanent Installation

As long as there is a place to vent the hot air and a standard electrical outlet available, portable air conditioners can be used wherever and whenever needed and easily moved or stored when not in use.

Cut Costs

Instead of turning down your central A/C unit for that one room that is always a few degrees hotter than the rest, Portable ACs can be an efficient way to cool hot spots in your home without sacrificing your electricity bill.

User Friendly

Easy to connect and operate, portable air conditioners can be used wherever and whenever needed and easily moved or stored when not in use.

Optional Accessories

3 Year Date of Purchase Warranty

Provides 3 years of extended protection beyond the original warranty.

Upgraded Portable AC Vent Kit for Sliding Glass Doors and Large Windows

Upgrade your installation options with this large window and sliding door vent kit.

Portable Air Conditioner Drop Ceiling Vent Kit

Vent your portable air conditioner through your drop ceiling with this ceiling vent kit.