EdgeStarItem # bci2804399

Tap Conversion Kit for Other 5-Liter Mini Kegs

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    EdgeStar Tap Conversion Kit for Other 5-Liter Mini Kegs

    With the 5-Liter EdgeStar TBC50-ACC Mini Keg Beer Dispenser Accessory Kit you can tap any type of mini keg you want. Whether it be a Bavarian porter, an English stout, or even root beer and cream soda for the kids, this accessory kit allows you the freedom to perfectly pour draft beer from the 5-Liter EdgeStar Mini Keg Beer Dispenser and know that your beer will be protected and poured under the conditions that the brewer intended.

    Works with all standard 5-liter mini-kegs, so you can switch in root beer or cream soda for the kids anytime.

    Here's What's Included: Ships complete with the following: CO2 tank, keg tap, regulator, three (3) CO2 cartridges, and two (2) reusable seals (keg not included)