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Turbo Air

Turbo Air is one of the most respected companies in the refrigeration industry. They keep this reputation by making high-quality products and providing exceptional customer service in a friendly and helpful way. Because of these factors they know that there is more to meeting a customers’ needs than just providing a well-made product. Turbo Air always strives to improve the product itself as well as the way in which they keep in contact with the customer prior to the initial purpose. In line with this, they use the highest standards possible, as well as state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible commercial refrigeration units on the market today.

With Turbo Air you can find large-scale swing, glass-door merchandisers, reach-in solid door refrigerators, counter-high back bar fridges, and everything in between. Take the 59” Back Bar Refrigerator from Turbo Air; this charming commercial unit comes in a solid black and offers 19 feet of cubic storage. The six adjustable shelves let your easily manage whatever your storing in this fridge with easy and versatility. The insulation this unit sports is high-density and is made from polyurethane. Or if you’re in the market for a merchandiser instead, take a look at one of Turbo Air’s glass door models. This unit gives you 14 cubic feet of storage space and has a LED interior display system allowing you to easily view the temperature at which your goods are being stored. This model is also built with a stainless steel cabinet, galvanized side walls, and galvanized steel back for a lasting durability that can handle high volume.

Turbo Air even makes units that reach below freezing, just in case you plan on storing ice creams or frozen meals in your merchandisers. Just like the traditional Turbo air units, these freezers have LED interior displays and insulated glass for their doors. This unit, like many Turbo Air cooling appliances, is Energy Star rated and even has an early warning system included to alert you if something is malfunctioning or operating incorrectly. Put your frozen goods on display in a number of various arrays thanks to the 4 interior wire shelves, which are adjustable and polythylene-coated.

Turbo Air units stand apart from the competition due to a number of reasons. An especially popular aspect of Turbo Air merchandisers is their self-cleaning condenser types. In commercial industry settings, heavy swathes of dust can be frequently disturbed and circulate around the workplace. Dust-heavy environments can accumulate and stop a machines condenser from properly releasing heat, and as a result, shut-down. Turbo Air’s condensers clean themselves with a rotation brush 2 to 3 times a day which helps prevent dust build-up and potential condenser damage.

When you have attributes for your products such as high-efficiency, low energy consumption, state-of-the-art technology incorporation, superior customer support, it’s a no-brainer why Turbo Air is such a respected brand in the market of commercial refrigeration. You could be looking for commercial fridges of any capacity or size, refrigerated display cases, ice merchandisers, glass frosters, commercial bottle coolers, commercial beer dispensers and more, and still not exhaust the collection that Turbo Air features.