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15" Crescent Ice Maker with Integrated Solid Door

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U-Line 15" Crescent Ice Maker with Integrated Solid Door

The U-Line 15 Crescent Ice Maker with Integrated Solid Door (U-BI1215INT-00B) will ensure your beverages are always ice cold. Whether it's to supplement your inefficient fridge or compact mini-bar, the U-BI1215INT-00B touts a slim 15 width to fit virtually anywhere you desire. This ice machine offers a maximum ice production of 25lbs per day with an internal bin capacity of also 25 lbsso you can rest assured knowing there will always be extra ice on hand. Fill up a cooler, top off everyone's drinks, and relax with an endless supply of chilly refreshments.

Daily Ice Production: The U-Line U-BI1215INT-00B will supply up to 25 lbs of ice throughout a 24-hour period with an internal bin capacity of 25 lbs

Thermal-Efficient Insulation: The rigid foam-insulated cabinet provides high thermal efficiencies while helping minimize sound levels for internal components

Intuitive Ice Storage: The machine's ice-making mechanism will shut off once the internal bucket is full, so you never have to worry about overflowing ice; this U-Line ice maker will still maintain optimal ice storage temperatures

Integrated Door Design: This U-Line ice machine arrives ready to accept an integrated solid door design, so you can install custom overlay paneling for a perfect match with cabinetry or décor

No Drainage Required: Free of drain connections and water line requirements, this ice maker offers a quick and easy installation; water supply and drainage line connections are still available for those wanting a more permanent installation

Undercounter or Freestanding: Whether you are hosting a dinner party or replacing an old trash compactor, the U-BI1215INT-00B will accommodate built-in and freestanding installations for nearly any application

User-Friendly Operation: The U-BI1215INT-00B is easy to operate, simply flip the control switch to begin enjoying pounds of crescent-shaped ice per day

Water-Saving Design: This ice machine can very easily produce up to 25 lbs of ice per day with less than 3 gallons of water