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Cyclone280 Single Speed Hand Mixer - .3HP

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Univex Cyclone280 Single Speed Hand Mixer - .3HP

With the Univex Single Speed Hand Mixer - .3HP (Cyclone280-01) you can alleviate the tedium of mixing your ingredients manually with a whisk or wooden spatula. With a sleek, lightweight design that doesn't tire users out, this mixer works perfectly in a commercial kitchen environment. Mixing, liquefying and pureeing need only require a simple hold of a trigger and submersion of the efficient mixing shaft. Users can create soups and puree for other meals in no time at all, and continue to do so all throughout the day - helping your kitchen meet higher demand. Raise productivity with this reliable hand mixer from Univex.

Fiberglass Body:Extra tough build that won't break even after heavy usage. The main body is powered via a motor with 0.3 HP and is constructed using ABS fiberglass for added durability

Steel Components:Comes with a steel shaft as standard that works well at keeping the device clean, but also keeps it durable against wear and tear - helping this mixer serve you for years without issue

Compatible With Attachments:Other shafts and whisk heads are available, and can be interchanged easily to give you a wide variety of differing types of mixing (additional accessories not included)

No Overheating:This hand mixer uses a cooling system to keep it from overheating after long stretches of use

48 Quart Mixing Capacity:This hand mixer is powerful enough to stir, mix and liquefy foodstuffs at quantities of 48 quarts or lower, with little to no action required by the user

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