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21 x 26-7/8 Inch Laminated LowE3 Manual Venting Deck Mount Skylight with White Room Darkening Solar Blind from the VS Collection

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Velux 21 x 26-7/8 Inch Laminated LowE3 Manual Venting Deck Mount Skylight with White Room Darkening Solar Blind from the VS Collection

This VELUX VS operable skylight with the Go Solar option includes a pre-installed solar-powered room darkening blind and an internet gateway, allowing you to control the blind with your smartphone and enable automatic programs that boost energy efficiency. The solar-powered blind is designed to harness the power of the sun to control the amount of daylight entering through your skylight. Installing a skylight is one of the most impactful ways to enhance the brightness and beauty of a room. Bringing natural light into a home through a skylight decreases the need for artificial light while maintaining privacy. This model can be opened to create a chimney effect, drawing air upward to improve air quality within your home.


  • The white double-pleated blind darkens a room on demand, making it ideal for bedrooms, entertainment rooms or any other space where light control is important
  • Eligible for up to a 26% federal tax credit on both product and installation costs
  • Qualifies for the VELUX 10-year "No Leak" installation warranty when installed with VELUX flashing (required, sold separately) on a roof pitch between 14° and 85°
  • EDL flashing for shingles, EDW for tile, or EDM for metal
  • Features Clean, Quiet & Safe Low-E3 laminated glass with a Neat® glass coating that keeps your skylight cleaner, reduces unwanted outside noise, and comes with a 10-year hail warranty against glass breakage
  • Consists of double paned argon gas filled low-E3 glass that provides excellent energy performance for year round comfort, plus the added safety of laminated glass, which building codes require for out of reach applications
  • Out-of-reach rod and in-reach crank handle sold separately

Product Technologies:

    • Laminated Glass: VELUX laminated glass is a highly efficient, Low-E, argon gas injected dual pane glass that is laminated for both added safety and comfort
    • Room Darkening Blinds: VELUX factory installed room darkening blinds are translucent, and allow a degree of light from the exterior into your home when closed, ideal for those looking to read a book, cut the glare on their computer screens, or simply adjust the lighting in a room


  • Width: 21-1/2"
  • Height: 27-3/8"
  • Depth: 5"
  • Maximum Roof Pitch (Degrees): 85
  • Minimum Roof Pitch (Degrees): 14
  • Rough Opening Height: 26-7/8"
  • Rough Opening Width: 21"
  • Skylight Ventilation: Manual Venting
  • Skylight Glazing: Laminated

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