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Trilux Wine Aerator

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Vinotemp Trilux Wine Aerator

Enhance your wine drinking experience by using the Vinotemp Trilux Wine Aerator (EP-AERATOR001). This adjustable aerator allows you to release the delightful aromas and smells from your wine into your glass, giving you a better wine-tasting experience and more pleasure drinking your favorite wines. With three (3) aeration levels, you are able to control how much air actually goes into your wine.

Using the unit is easy: you just select the amount of air you'd like in the wine from the three (3) aerator settings, then pour your wine into the large, drip-proof bowl, and then prepare to drink! The no-slip grip of the aerator allows you to easily handle the unit, while it is simple to clean and easy to operate. This unit is perfect for the amateur and professional wine connoisseur who love to experience the joys of aerating their wines.

Easy to Operate: Just place the unit on your glass, adjust the setting, and then pour. It's that easy!

Three (3) Levels: The three aerator settings (high, medium, and low) allow you at aerate to your preference

Clean: The easy-to-clean unit features a drip-proof plate, allowing fewer messes and stains