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Wine and Beverage Appliances for Those Who Love Beer, Wine, Coffee, & Water

Wine and beverage appliances, such as wine refrigerators, beverage refrigerators, coffee, tea and espresso makers, and water coolers, are great for personal beverage storage, entertainment purposes, or office applications.

If you are a lover of wine and need a temperature-controlled storage environment for your collection, a wine refrigerator is a great option for you. You can shop by bottle size, number of temperature zones, or intended application.

If you love to keep beer, soda, or other canned beverages on hand for personal or entertainment purposes, a beverage refrigerator is a fantastic storage solution for you. You can shop by capacity or intended application.

If you love draft beer and would like to serve it from the comfort of your own home, a kegerator is the perfect dispenser for you. You can shop by tap configuration or intended application.

Water coolers are great for use in the home, office, or gym. We offer both bottleless point-of-use models and models that dispense bottled water.

Coffee, tea, and espresso makers are essential for both office and residential settings. Many people enjoy coffee, tea, or espresso in the morning and sometimes even throughout their day. Having a dedicated appliance for each allows you to have and to offer options to your guests.

Whether you love these beverages or simply love to accommodate your guests, patrons, or employees, wine and beverage appliances are a great addition to any home, office breakroom, or gym.