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Chill, Store, & Preserve Your Wine Using a Wine Refrigerator

Wine refrigerators are the perfect storage solution for any wine lover, whether they have just discovered their passion for wine or they fancy themselves a connoisseur. Available in a wide variety of bottle capacities, finishes, and applications.

How to Find the Best Wine Fridge

If you have just begun collecting wine, a small capacity wine refrigerator will be your best option. There are some so compact that they fit comfortably on your countertop. If you are getting more serious about wine, you may want to upgrade to a medium capacity unit, which will hold anywhere from 30 – 69 bottles. There are also wine refrigerators that will hold from 70 – 129 bottles of wine, which are perfect for those that keep more than a few cases of wine on-hand. A more seasoned collector will want to invest in a large capacity wine refrigerator, which can house a vast collection of 130 – over 300 precious bottles of wine.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or planning on placing your wine refrigerator in an enclosed space, you’ll need an undercounter/built-in wine refrigerator. These units vent from the front, so no space around the sides or back of the unit is needed. Alternatively, freestanding wine refrigerators need venting space, so they’ll need to be placed in a space that accommodates that need.

All wine refrigerators, both undercounter/built-in and freestanding, come in beautiful finishes from sleek stainless steel and understated black to the retro and eclectic mirrored and furniture styles, which are also called wine credenzas.

Whichever style of wine refrigerator you prefer, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one amongst our vast selection of units from AvallonEdgeStar, DanbyVinotempMarvelSummitPerlick, and more.