Wine Stoppers & Aerators

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Trilux Wine Aerator
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Wine Stoppers & Wine Aerators: Enhance Your Wine Experience

If you plan on saving an opened bottle of wine, a wine stopper is crucial. Once exposed to oxygen, a wine's aging process begins. If left open without a stopper, a bottle of wine will quickly spoil. Many wine stoppers feature a vacuum pump, which removes oxygen from the bottle and slows down the rapid aging process.

Wine aerators allow you to experience your wine's full bouquet by softening tannins and smoothing rough edges. Especially young, red wines need to be aerated in order to smell and taste all of the nuances the wine has to offer.

Our extensive selection of wine stoppers and aerators includes note-worthy brands such as Le Creuset, True Fabrications, Centellino, Epicureanist, HOST, and Vinotemp.