Oasis FreshStart 80 oz. Automatic Coffee Brewer  Model:503019


  • Height: 22.75"
  • Width: 9.75"
  • Length: 21"
  • Oasis FreshStart 80 oz. Automatic Coffee Brewer
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    Description & Highlights

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    Oasis FreshStart 80 oz. Automatic Coffee Brewer

    The Oasis FreshStart Automatic Coffee Brewer (503019) offers fresh coffee on demand using patented point-of-use technology. Doing away with the "just add water" generation of coffee makers, this unit plugs directly into your cold water line to provide a continuous fresh water supply. Since the advanced hot tank technology keeps water warm and ready to brew at any time, simply push either the half pot or full pot button to brew a fresh batch of coffee.

    This unit is housed in a dent and rust resistant polycarbonate cabinet with colors that are molded all the way through, helping to conceal scratches and maintain a pleasant appearance. Other convenient features include an anti-boil design, hot water faucet safety mechanism, coffee shower head for evenly saturated coffee grounds, and a mechanical float system which maintains consistent water volume despite varying water pressure.

    • Point-of-Use Perks:

      In addition to providing a continuous fresh water source, the point-of-use system keeps water in the reservoir so it is ready to brew at all times. When reservoir is empty, it will refill itself in 2-3 minutes, eliminating the hassle of adding water and waiting for the unit to heat it up

    • Easy Cleaning and Service:

      The internal assembly (including hot tank) can be completely removed with one tool in order to easily service or clean the unit

    • Optional Accessories:

      This unit is especially compatible with the FreshStart Stainless Steel 80 oz. Airpot Carafe (as shown, sold separately). This unit also easily accommodates optional water filtration systems that reduce scale buildup and remove bad tastes and odors from water

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: 503019
    • Brand: Oasis
    • Automatic thermal coffee brewer
    • Uses patented point-of-use technology
    • Plugs directly into your water line
    • Mechanical float system
    • Coffee shower head for evenly saturated grounds
    • Warranty: 3 year limited
    • Oasis FreshStart 80 oz. Automatic Coffee Brewer
    • Gray and black polycarbonate cabinet
    • Scratch, dent and rust resistant exterior
    • 2 brewing options: half pot or full pot
    • Completely removable internal assembly
    • Anti-boil design
    • Hot water faucet safety mechanism
    • Dimensions: 22.75" H x 9.75" W x 21" L

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