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CWR / CBR Series Carbon Filter

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    EdgeStar Parts CWR / CBR Series Carbon Filter


    • The EdgeStar CWR/CBR Carbon Filter is an important accessory necessary for keeping your wine and beverages safe and pure over long periods of time.
    • Carbon filters prevent unwanted and intrusive smells from entering your cooler.
    • While a wine cooler permeated by food or pet smells is bad enough, outside smells can breach porous corks and enter individual wine bottles.
    • Such contamination can ruin the smell and taste of your wine, especially if you are storing it for an extended length of time.
    • In addition, carbon filters keep dust and debris from settling on or inside of your wine and beverage bottles, thereby protecting the elegant look of your wine and beverage collection as well as its smell and taste.
    • These filters should be replaced every three (3) to Six (6) months.
    • It is vital to replace your carbon filter regularly if you wish to preserve the investment you made in your wine's taste and aging process.