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Electric Heaters: A Portable Way to Stay Warm & Save Money

Whether your home has a central heating system or not, there is bound to come a time when supplemental heat is necessary. Certain rooms tend to be colder than others and can be drafty, or they could be cut off from the central heat completely. Whatever the circumstances, there is a heater designed to meet the specific needs of your space.

Portable heaters are great for when you know you’ll want to use the heater in different rooms, or store it away once the weather gets warmer. Dual window units are best for homes that need supplemental AC as well as heat. For patios and outdoor living spaces, there is a wide variety of outdoor heaters and even firepit heaters. Garage and utility heaters are rugged in design and are geared towards heating large open rooms. We also offer floor and baseboard heaters , wall heaters and foot warmers