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Ice-O-Matic: Ice. Pure and Simple.

With over 50 year’s commercial experience, Ice-O-Matic is a proud and well-known worldwide supplier of ice machines. They manufacture and distribute commercial ice makers that produce clear, clean ice for all sorts of businesses and industries. Additionally, Ice-O-Matic makes ice storage bins and even water filters. Their units are touted as high-quality, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. This fantastic reputation is in large part due to their relationship with customers. For example, their 7-year water filter warranty program has set the industry standard. From flakers to cubers to Pearl Ice® (nicknamed by Ice-O-Matic as “The People’s Ice” due to its popularity) this brand knows its way around ice and ice-related products.

One of Ice-O-Matic’s strengths as a brand is its versatile product line-up. Not only do they produce and distribute ice dispensers and ice storage bins, they also produce ice machines that have their own storage included. These combination units can produce large amounts of ice a day and store large quantities as well. Ice-O-Matic makes machines like this that produce flake, cube, and Pearl Ice®. Pearl-type ice is pretty ubiquitous; sometimes referred to as “hospital ice,” it dispenses smoothly and blends well with a number of different beverages. Pearl Ice machines have only been around since 2007, but Ice-O-Matic has been producing general ice makers machines since 1952. In 1970 they launched their first cube-ice machine to much acclaim. Since then, they continue to innovate and improve the simple task of freezing water. In 1986 they launched their first under-counter cube ice machines. These appliances have since become one of the most popular ice maker types worldwide.

But it isn’t just the commitment to quality ice that sets them a head above the competition. In 2008 Ice-O-Matic introduced and implemented an inorganic compound called AgION Antimicrobial Compound, which essentially improves food and beverage safety. They also strive to be sustainable and energy efficient. Recently they’ve even become a partner with Energy Star and released a line of products that comply with the high efficiency standards Energy Star sets. And the company itself is eager to consume water and electricity efficiently as well. Whether it’s them cutting down on their water usage at their manufacturing plant, or making sure that they don’t produce any hazardous storm water runoff, Ice-O-Matic is always looking out for the planet as well as the customer.

When you take a look at all the benefits that come with doing business with Ice-O-Matic, it’s no wonder that this American company is as famous and influential as they are. Located in Denver, CO, this USA facility makes ice machines for the world over. This manufacturer designs their products with minimalism, simplicity, and excellence all in mind. You could be searching for modular ice machines that make long-lasting cubes, trusted water filters with an extraordinary warranty, or ice dispensers for the food service industry; Ice-O-Matic makes all of these and more. If you’re in the market for any sort of commercial ice related appliance, there’s a good chance that this trend-setting and innovative company will grab your attention.