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425 lb. Undercounter Micro Flake Ice Machine

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Follett 425 lb. Undercounter Micro Flake Ice Machine

Follett 425 lb Undercounter Flake Ice Machine (UFD425A80) was created as a convenient and eco-friendly way of producing high quality flake ice. This machine not only creates a robust product - it also provides ample storage, with a removable bin for ease of access and maintenance. The useful shape and size, along with its detachable legs, makes it great as both a freestanding model or tucked under a counter.

Capacity:: Up to 425 lbs of ice production and a bin capable of holding 90 lbs of ice

High quality ice:: Creates slow-melting flake ice that regulates drinks temperature much better than cube ice and is easier to chew

Perfect for displays:: Flake ice works perfectly for keeping vegetables and fish fresh for display – providing a flatter surface without bruising the product

Easy to install and use:: Incorporates rear utility access, allowing rear electrical and plumbing with no rear clearance required, along with a practical design to make fitting it into the workplace easy

Front ventilation:: The UFD425A80 features ventilation to the front, which prevents any need for side, top or back clearance of the unit

Flushing for improved ice quality:: Regular flushing of the unit can heighten the quality of the ice and help you to control the scale of the ice

Low energy costs:: More eco-friendly than comparable ice-cube machines, meaning zero expensive defrost cycles, which saves a lot on utilities without compromising on quality

Low maintenance and long lifespan:: Durable design featuring a stainless steel evaporator, a semi-automatic cleaning cycle and a tapered rolling bearing to ensure low maintenance costs and a lengthy lifespan